Thursday, January 17, 2013

I'm Sorry Daddy, Mummy.

I was on my way writing the post about my Singapore/Johor trip, but when I was about to talk about the things I bought during this trip, I calculated the amount of money I've spent during the trip + the money I've spent over the whole week. I was really really shocked by the numbers I see. I've spent over RM 850 in only ONE week. To a person who've never worked in her entire life, never earned a penny before. Spent such a huge amount of money (to me) is really unexpected & unforgivable.

I'm feeling guilty & sorry to my parents. I'm such an ungrateful person. I've always been complaining about what I don't have and never stop to look at what I already have, appreciate and cherish 'em. I'm so so so sorry mummy daddy. :( I promise to find job & never complain anymore.

I love you, Daddy, Mummy <3 nbsp="nbsp">

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