Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bits of updates!

2012 has been a good year for me. A year that I'm gonna miss, an important year for me cuz I had to sit for SPM (finals) & my final year in high school.

& look now, it's already 2013! I'm turning 18 in like what? 2 & 1/2 month time! 'legal' & still single -____-
Stepping into another phase of my life - college, which I thought was a 'can wait' thing back in form 5. But it's so near now! I was supposed to be registered at Tenby IIS for January Intake in A Levels but 2 days ago (Monday) which was the day I was supposed to go for registration, my mom changed her mind & asked me to check out on other colleges, which surprised me! I've never thought of going to anywhere but to stay in Ipoh for the next 2 year. I was already getting excited for school to start & wearing the greyish school uniforms & driving to school everyday. It just came in time, hah! My friend just asked me if I want to go to Singapore with her to check out on NAFA & Lasalle College. My mom surprised me again by allowing me to go without even asking who am I going with.

Another thing that has me worried after SPM ended was my results, which will be announced in March! I hope I didn't screw it up? Ah now all I can do is pray everyday that the passing rate drops so that the door to getting an A is nearer!

Now let's skip this part & talk about a little bit of how's my life after SPM.

It started out a little bored as I had nothing to do all day. I wanted to watch dramas but when I have all the time to I get lazy & all I do was just stay at home sleep & eat. Did a little bit of tv watching & play with my dogs Xixi & Woodudu.

The fun part starts when my parents go to China for work! Since my elder brother & sister are studying in KL, I'm the only one at home who have a driving license. I was given an important task which was to take care of my grandma & younger brother, Zack when my parents are not around. I took care of them & all. Buy foods, fetch them out, made sure the alarms are on every night & stuff like that. It wasn't east, really! It get so stressful & I missed my parents so much! I've always thought that I'm a tough & independent person but after all it's proven me wrong. I can't even imagine my life without my parents!

So in between these days, I asked my neighbour to come over to have dinner with us almost every night, they're about my age, both brother & sister. Charles & YeeNeng. Charles's 17 & YeeNeng is 15. They're crazy, funny & annoying (haha). But I'm glad that I met them, those 7 years together was awesome!

So this is super annoying & gay Charles. (I know you're reading it right now cuz you asked me for the link!) haha

Oh well, then here's a good news! I've moved into my new house! *Cheers* Yaysssss!
It's safe & all. Bigger than the old one (duh), neighbours are nice, the park is pretty & for some reason the air is fresher here! haha 
The main point is *tadatadatadatada* I'm finally having my own room! Except the master bedroom, my room is the biggest. Everyone is fine with it cuz I have the most things! I need a bigger space & all. I like to have my own space, without being disturbed. (nah, just admit this Carmen. YOU HATE SHARING)
Yeah, true that.
I'm gonna make another post with photos up about my room next time when it's fully furnished with furnitures! ;)

Guess it's all! Nights, xx 

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